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An Evidence Based and Holistic Approach

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TI4WP’s Approach to Performance

At The Institute 4 Worthy Performance, we let the evidence drive our approach to performance improvement. More specifically, we help our clients leverage Big Data to analyze to improve day-to-day performance.

Our holistic approach is laser-focused on not only developing the critical skills and competencies required for success, but also what things are getting in the way of achieving extraordinary results.

Driving Organizational Performance

Management experts tell us that when executives do not manage performance at the organization level, they cannot expect anything beyond modest performance improvement.  Even worse, failing to manage organization performance makes performance improvement efforts at other levels counterproductive.

We can show you how to drive operational performance, from an enterprise level, using big data performance analytics to demystify what is happening beneath the surface of what your traditional dashboards, scorecards, and other functional analytics reveal.


Leadership and Management Development

Global benchmark studies indicate that CEOs are not satisfied with their leadership and management development courses, despite how great they look on paper.  They are spending $25B annually on these programs and seeing little return on their investment. 

We can show you how to identify the competency strengths and vulnerabilities of each person in these programs to focus on needs-based development actions and continue to monitor their competency development to get results rather than graduates.


Leveraging Big Data and Analytics Technology

Using OnSomble, we are able to “bridge the gap” and use “Big Data Analytics” to make better human capital decisions.


Evaluate - Professional Competency

Utilize a 4-step evaluation process to outline development opportunities across four professional competencies.


Analyze Data - To Generate Meaningful Insights

Analyze and interpret data to identify gaps in professional practice, measure improvement, and identify trends.


Development - Evidence-Based Development

Provide professional role competency programs designed to lead your organization through key facets of workforce development.

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