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The Power of Human Capital Analytics

The world has changed… executive-level decision-makers expect their human capital strategy to be designed and measured using “Big Data Analytics” technologies. They want answers to questions about what functions do and also what value they add to the bottom line.

Companies are using analytics to gain insights into the impact of every interview and source of hire, to analyze factors that correlate with high-performer retention, and to evaluate various programs. Bottom line – using Human Capital Analytics allows you to make smarter, on-target decisions in a world of dwindling “people budgets.”

But here’s the challenge…

Data in-and-of-itself has no value. Most organizations do a great job at collecting information, but the key questions are…

Are they collecting the RIGHT information?

Is this information being skillfully interpreted and leveraged?

All too often, the answer to these questions in “no.” Truth is, the thought of big data can be daunting and can render even the most seasoned Talent Professional feeling a bit paralyzed.

There’s a Better Way… a CLEARER Way

Through our partnership with OnSomble, we offer next generation business intelligence to develop, empower, and manage high-impact teams. The powerful process and technology equips your key decision-makers with a comprehensive system for identifying, evaluating, and developing standardized professional role behaviors that are critical to workforce success.

We Measure Four Professional Competencies


Leadership is about influence in an organization. The key to fostering strong leadership is encouraging individual employees to practice behaviors that extend positive influence.


Every decision has a ripple effect that influences outcomes on individual as well as organizational levels. It’s critical that each employee is equipped with the tools to analyze their decisions in the context of organizational priorities.


Ineffective communication is the single greatest source of dysfunction within organizations. Productive relationships are characterized by clear, effective communication, both with internal and external stakeholders.


Organizational success depends on an individual’s ability to consistently perform in the context of their own job duties, strategic plans, departmental operational initiatives, and overall development strategies.

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