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The Growing Emphasis on ROI

For an increasing number of organizations, demonstrating the return on investment for talent initiatives is not a “should do.” It has become a “must do!”

Sooner or later, every function will face increasing accountability and will have to address return on investment. For some, the time is now. For others it may be long term, but it WILL eventually surface.

Waiting for a request from clients and executives results in a disaster. The request most often comes with a short timeline (the executive’s timeline) and this puts you at a distinct disadvantage.

About The ROI Methodology

What is it? Why use it?


Systematic approach to evaluating all types of programs and projects

Captures six types of data from reaction to ROI

Credible and scalable process

Most widely used evaluation system, with global adoption

The Phillips ROI Methodology is a step-by-step credible process that meets the need to show the value used by organizations all over the world. The methodology is a simple to use and proven process that will generate a balanced set of data that is believable, realistic and accurate – particularly from the perspective of sponsors and key stakeholders. To allocate funds to programs, projects and improvement initiatives that deliver the highest value you must have a method that credibly proves or “shows” the value.

The ROI Methodology is a balanced approach to measurement that captures six types of data:

  1. Reaction and Planned Action – Level 1
  2. Learning – Level 2
  3. Application and Implementation – Level 3
  4. Business Impact – Level 4
  5. Return on Investment – Level 5
  6. Intangibles

The process always includes a technique to isolate the effects of the project, program, solution, meeting, event, system, procedure, or initiative.

Achieving Business Alignment

Central to achieving a strong ROI is the concept of alignment. In other words, are your interventions actually aligned to produce the RESULTS you are hoping to achieve?

While it may seem like a basic question, billions will be spent this year alone on programs that fail to deliver the desired results.

We help our clients avoid these outcomes to ensure your INVESTMENT = RESULTS.


Over 4000 organizations have used the ROI Methodology to…


Show the contribution of selected programs

Build support and secure funding for future programs

Gain the confidence of clients

Improve processes and programs

Develop a results based approach

Alter or eliminate ineffective programs

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